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I am trying to redirect Terminal output to Eclipse console using external tools where I specified Terminal path (for example /usr/bin/xterm). When I run this tool it opens Terminal outside eclipse. When I did same thing in Windows 7, setting external tool location to Windows\System32\cmd.exe it ran inside Eclipse console. I wonder how I can make Terminal (in Ubuntu 14.04) work the same way.

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/usr/bin/xterm is explicit request for external window. Try running the program without prepending /usr/bin/xterm or try using /bin/sh. Note that xterm is not equivalent to windows cmd.exe. cmd.exe mixes two functionalities: interpreting commands, which in Unix is job of /bin/sh, and opening terminal window, which in X-Windows is job of /usr/bin/xterm or /usr/bin/x-terminal-emulator. –  Jan Hudec May 22 at 6:46
Thank you very much. Looks like /bin/sh was what i needed. –  user3655077 May 22 at 6:54
If it worked, I'll make it a proper answer, so you can mark it as accepted. –  Jan Hudec May 22 at 6:57

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You should use /bin/sh as command interpreter.

In Windows, cmd.exe combines two functions—interpreting commands and displaying terminal window. In Unix these functions are strictly separated. /bin/sh interprets commands and /usr/bin/xterm (or /usr/bin/x-terminal-emulator) displays terminal window, inside which it runs /bin/sh (or other shell like /bin/bash, /bin/zsh etc.) to interpret commands.

So if you ask Eclipse to run something via /usr/bin/xterm, it will appear in a new window, because that's what XTerm does. If you just want Eclipse to capture the output, ask it to run it directly via /bin/sh.

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