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I have a personal project of building a PHP sandbox in order to build a PHP interactive course. I want to to achieve something like Codeshcool's Ruby, JavaScript and Git courses or Codeacademy's PHP course in the sense of having a PHP REPL and terminal where you can run PHP statements and scripts, respectively.

The main goal is building a tool for people new to PHP and of course share it with the world which would make it a win-win project.

What technology would serve me best? Is there some library I can use for building the REPL/terminal? I was thinking JavaScript so I can embed this to the browser, maybe passing commands to the PHP interpreter from JavaScript code but I don't know if this is nonsense.

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Have a look at Runkit for the server-side –  swordofpain May 22 at 6:49
Seems to me that php-console is the way to go, but how can I get something like psysh to work from the browser? –  Oxfist May 22 at 7:02
did you check boris (A tiny, but robust REPL for PHP)?? packagist.org/packages/d11wtq/boris –  Shakil May 22 at 9:39

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