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  1. HI I have search from where client can either click on keywords which is below in search bar or enter a keyword in search window, In case first when user click on keywords the search_results opens with keywords in URL but when user enter keyword then it just give result according to it.
  2. So when user not logged in then after some search_result we ask for login & on click login button we redirect for login popup from where user logged in that time we have to redirect on same page so for this I am using two concept one for predefined keywords link which come on URL just redirect last URL value in session & after logged in redirect to that URL.

3.I need help in keyword enter by user & then logged in so needs to redirect with same keyword page to user.

function search_result($adKeyword = null){

    if(!empty($adKeyword) && $adKeyword != ''){

        $this->data['City']['keyword'] = $adKeyword;
    //////////////////Maintain fetch data////////////////////
        if($this->data['City']['keyword'] == 'Name or Area of expertise'){
            $this->data['City']['keyword'] = '';
            $this->set("title_for_layout","Search Result");

        if ( empty($this->data['City']['city_name'])) {

            $this->data['City']['city_name'] = $this->Session->read("Location");

        if($this->data['City']['keyword'] != '')
            $this->set("title_for_layout",$this->data['City']['keyword']." | Search Result");
                       //$request_params = Router::getParams();

above two session variable I am using for redirect after authentication on login

    if($this->Auth->user('role_id')== Configure::read('App.Role.Mentee')) {
                        if ($this->Session->check('login_referrer')) {
                                   $loginReferrer = $this->Session->read('login_referrer');
                                  else if($this->Session->check('login_referrers'))

                                   $loginReferrers = $this->Session->read('login_referrers');
                                   $this->redirect(array('controller'=>'fronts','action'=>'search_result/','$adKeyword' => $loginReferrers));
                                  else {

what happening its not going to else if statement Please help me

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I see you've ignored my prior advice. While the wording is different the question is the same. Please add new information to your previous question (or rewrite it entirely), don't create a duplicate. –  AD7six May 22 at 8:12

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