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I have several anchor <a> tags in a <span> on my page. They have an id of "m" appended to a sequential number. So, for example, there might be

<a id="m1" href="..." > 
<a id="m2" href="..."> 

etc. up to possibly

<a id="m1000"...> 


In my javascript code, I am performing the following:

var idNumber = 5;
var selector = "m" + String(idNumber); 
$('#' + selector).addClass("myNewClass"); 
    //  myNewClass is defined in the stylesheet.

This works fine for all browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari, but the last line (the one with the addClass) causes IE11 (not sure about other versions) to crash, and it comes up with a dialog saying "...Searching for a solution to the problem..." and eventually forces me to close the IE window. I can even try hardcoding it like

$('#m4').addClass("myNewClass"); and IE still crashes.

What could be causing this behaviour? Could it be the version of jquery that I am using? (1.5.1)? But it is very strange in my opinion. When I use Firebug or Chrome Inspect element, I get no problems. When I use the IE page inspector, I get no errors visible, but the page crashes.

I would greatly appreciate any help!

Thanks in advance, Tim

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I think here:

var selector = "m" + String(idNumber); 

You don't need to convert an integer to string because if you concatenate an integer with string that automaically parsed as string and instead of performing add operation to it, just concatenate the two elements together.

So you can try this code:

var idNumber = 5;
var selector = "m" + idNumber; 
$('#' + selector).addClass("myNewClass"); 
//  myNewClass is defined in the stylesheet.
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Hi thanks for your reply. I do not think this is the problem, the reason being is that even if I hardcode it as follows: $('#m4').addClass("myNewClass") or $('#m55').addClass("myNewClass") IE still crashes. –  user3480610 May 22 '14 at 7:56
If there are loops in js code are available then that could cause this kind of issues. –  Jai May 22 '14 at 7:59
Hmmm...unfortunately it's not in a loop... –  user3480610 May 22 '14 at 8:37
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Just for completeness sake, I have found the solution to the problem. If I add a class to the anchor tags then IE too works as expected. So, instead of having <a id="m1"...> I now have <a id="m1" class="myInitialClass"> This apparently prevents the addClass from crashing on IE!

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