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<cfloop from="1" to="10" index="i">
  #i#<br />
  <cfif i EQ 3>
    <cfset i -= 3 />
    blarg #i# <br >

How can i decrease, one decrement value with forloop and my expected output should be




blarg 0









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you want to use a while loop, not a for loop –  duncan May 22 at 8:00
so you want it to loop through 3 twice and every other number once? –  Matt Busche May 22 at 11:40
Are you trying to create an infinite loop? If you keep subtracting from the loop counter it will never make it to 10. –  Miguel-F May 22 at 12:24
@Miguel-F is right. If you don't want to create an infinite loop you'll need a flag as well to say "i've already hit 3 once, don't decrement it again" –  Matt Busche May 22 at 14:40

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The value of i in your example is controlled by the inner workings of <cfloop>, and its value simply exposed to the code within the loop block. You can change it within that block, but <cfloop> will simply expose the next value in the iteration each time.

To do what you want to do, either use a for(;;) loop, or a <cfloop> equivalent of same:

<cfset i=1>
<cfloop condition="i LTE 10">
    <!--- your logic here--->

    <cfset i++>
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