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I'm trying to find ZipCryto Password from this execute, but when I open it in ollydbg and it always return to close programs because IsDebuggerPresent module.

I find the solution on the internet and try to - Use ollydbg plugins (Hide debugger and IsDebugPresent) - Try to NOP in IsDebuggerPresent module - Try to force return 0 in IsDebuggerPresent module

There are not working.

I use signsrch to find where is handled the ZipCrypto password and it say

0041c57c 3052 function where is handled the ZipCrypto password [32.le.12&]

and where is IsDebuggerPresent

00435cd8 2545 anti-debug: IsDebuggerPresent [..17]

Can I bypass IsDebuggerPresent and find ZipCryto password in this execute? Execute Link: https://mega.co.nz/#!PMdAjZab!bTO7VbZ6OjhJ_mgiigJ1BApDAgDeVWK_X-mKl9aMZw8

Sorry for my bad English. Thanks you.

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You should open the file in a dissembler, find where it makes the call to IsDebuggerPresent and then ultimately closes the application (or shows an error or what ever), this piece of code you can NOP in order to disable the check.

You can read the ASM code with dissemblers like IDA, although they don't support editing, you can byte-edit the code (just fill the region you want to patch with NOPS) using CFF Explorer.

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It's always close. I think it might have another protection module. Can you help me to find that? I can coding program, but I'm not professional with assembly and bugging. –  StdAfx May 22 at 9:01
If you find the call to the IsDebuggerPresent method and just NOP that you'll be fine. You can see that its at 0x00435cd8 (assuming from your main post). –  The Dutch Man May 22 at 9:02
signsrch: i58.tinypic.com/15z1tv4.jpg –  StdAfx May 22 at 9:10
NOP it: i62.tinypic.com/2d75xqt.jpg –  StdAfx May 22 at 9:10
result: i58.tinypic.com/2znsnc3.jpg It's always leave. :'( –  StdAfx May 22 at 9:11

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