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I want to count the results that show in the autocomplete.

HTML the input field:

<input name="input_1" id="input_1_1" 
type="text" value="" class="medium ui-autocomplete- input" 
tabindex="1" autocomplete="off">

Jquery autocomplete:

var availableTags = [];
$("#toggles h3").each(function() {
    availableTags.push( $(this).text());    
   // console.log( + " availableTags items gevonden"); 
 $( ".autocomplete #input_1_1" ).autocomplete({
    source: availableTags

Jquery count code:

var actualTags = (".ui-menu-item"); 
$(".autocomplete #input_1_1").keyup(function(){
 $(".count").text(actualTags.length +" results");

ui-menu-item is the class of every result in the autocomplete. .count = the class of the <p> where the counter must be.

I just want to have the third code to count the results that are shown in the textbox while typing. This seems to work but it counts the wrong items, i don't know which item i should type here; var actualTags = (".ui-menu-item"); it now gives all the availableTags in the textbox (even the ones that not show up).

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items are appended as li in .ui-autocomplete.Try this:

 $(".count").text($('.ui-autocomplete > li').length +" results");

also its better to use native option open of autocomplete to ensure that length is count only after options are added:

$( ".autocomplete #input_1_1" ).autocomplete({
source: availableTags,
open: function(event,ui){
   $(".count").text($('.ui-autocomplete > li').length +" results");

Working Demo

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Ty but i get the exact same result as my own code. But i knwo what it does now i putted in console.log(actualTags) and it counts the letters . var actualTags = (".ui-menu-itemdwdwdwdw"); shows 21 in the count (<p>) – Rikato May 22 '14 at 8:57
Thx it works now ;D – Rikato May 22 '14 at 9:01
@user3664146: glad it helps. – Milind Anantwar May 22 '14 at 9:05

Better option is to go with response callback provided by jQuery autocomplete

Triggered after a search completes, before the menu is shown. Useful for local manipulation of suggestion data, where a custom source option callback is not required. This event is always triggered when a search completes, even if the menu will not be shown because there are no results or the Autocomplete is disabled.


$(".autocomplete #input_1_1").autocomplete({
        source: availableTags,
        response: function (event, ui) {


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