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I've managed to install Jcrop and is working on most browsers bar IE 8 & 9.

When I click 'Browse for file' the image isn't populated instead only the contents of the alt tag is shown.

I will have to change the majority of this script to work in less than IE9 as quite a few properties are HTMl5 based like FileReader and Type and aren't picked up by IE.

Here's the fix for .files thought:

As .files isn't support by >IE9 I changed how the script picks up the file to: var

        if (document.getElementById('photo_file').files){
            selectedImg = document.getElementById('photo_file').files[0];

Which points to the following bit of code:

    var selectedImg = $('#photo_file')[0].files[0];

The whole script:

    //Make global variables for selected image for further usage
var selectImgWidth,selectImgHeight,jcrop_api, boundx, boundy,isError=false;

        var previewId = document.getElementById('preview');
        var thumbId = document.getElementById('thumb');
        previewId.src = '';
        var flag = 0;
        // Get selected file parameters

        var selectedImg = $('#photo_file')[0].files[0];

        //Check the select file is JPG,PNG or GIF image
        var regex = /^(image\/jpeg|image\/png|image\/gif)$/i;
        if (! regex.test(selectedImg.type)) {
            $('.siteAlertIcon700.siteAlertIcon100').html('<p>Please select a valid image file (jpg, png and gif are allowed)</p>').fadeIn(500);
            isError = true;

        // Check the size of selected image if it is greater than 250 kb or not
        else if (selectedImg.size > 250 * 1024) {
            $('.siteAlertIcon700.siteAlertIcon100').html('The file you selected is too big. Max file size limit is 250 KB').fadeIn(500);
            isError = true;

        $('.siteAlertIcon700.siteAlertIcon100').hide(); //if file is correct then hide the error message

        // Preview the selected image with object of HTML5 FileReader class
        // Make the HTML5 FileReader Object
        var oReader = new FileReader();
            oReader.onload = function(e) {

            // e.target.result is the DataURL (temporary source of the image)
                previewId.src = thumbId.src=e.target.result;

                // FileReader onload event handler
                previewId.onload = function () {

                // display the image with fading effect
                selectImgWidth = previewId.naturalWidth; //set the global image width
                selectImgHeight = previewId.naturalHeight;//set the global image height

                // Create variables (in this scope) to hold the Jcrop API and image size

                // destroy Jcrop if it is already existed
                if (typeof jcrop_api != 'undefined') 

                               // initialize Jcrop Plugin on the selected image
                jcrop_obj = jQuery.Jcrop('#preview', {
                    minSize: [120, 120], // min crop size
                   // aspectRatio : 1, // keep aspect ratio 1:1
                    bgFade: true, // use fade effect
                    bgOpacity: .3, // fade opacity
                    onChange: showThumbnail,
                    onSelect: showThumbnail,
                    boxWidth: 450, 
                    boxHeight: 350,setSelect: [0, 0, 120, 120]

                    // use the Jcrop API to get the real image size
                    var bounds = this.getBounds();
                    boundx = bounds[0];
                    boundy = bounds[1];

                    // Store the Jcrop API in the jcrop_api variable
                    jcrop_api = this;

        // read selected file as DataURL

function showThumbnail(e)
    var rx = 140 / e.w; //140 is the width of outer div of your profile pic
    var ry = 140 / e.h; //140 is the height of outer div of your profile pic
        width: Math.round(rx * selectImgWidth) + 'px',
        height: Math.round(ry * selectImgHeight) + 'px',
        marginLeft: '-' + Math.round(rx * e.x) + 'px',
        marginTop: '-' + Math.round(ry * e.y) + 'px'

function validateForm(){
    if ($('#photo_file').val()=='') {
        $('.siteAlertIcon700.siteAlertIcon100').html('Please select an image').fadeIn(500);
        return false;
    }else if(isError){
        return false;
    }else {
        return true;

From a quick Google search I've found that IE9 has no such of property, files property of input type="file" was introduced in IE10. However I don't know enough about JS to figure out a way around this. I'm quite stuck.

Any help would be appreciated.

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