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When I set out this morning the task seemed simple: build a list of elements; each element consists of a thumbnail, a title, and a sub-title.

I'd like to have the image left aligned with the title and sub-title next to it. If you take a look at a YouTube video page: the Related Videos box has a similar layout.

UPDATE: To be more specific: I'm trying to produce a two column layout: image on the left, text on the right. Some of the suggested solutions result in the text being wrapped around the image.

Here the HTML structure:

  <li><img src="one.jpg"><div class="content">Title<br>sub-title</div></li>
  <li><img src="two.jpg"><div class="content">Another Title<br>sub-title</div></li>

With no CSS, the text is displayed below the image. I tried many things, float:left on the image and/or the div. Nothing helped.

The closest I got was setting float:left for the img tag. But then the second list item was drawn halfway into the first one.

Am I taking the wrong approach? Do I need to structure the HTML differently?

Thanks! Mark.

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Depending on your doctype, make sure to use the correct form of the line-break tag - you might need to use the self-closing <br/> instead. – Matt Ball Mar 4 '10 at 15:29
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Put the img inside the div, then you can float it. Then clear the float, e.g. by using a br:

 <li><div class="content"><img src="one.jpg">Title<br>sub-title</div><br style="clear:both"></li>


 .content img {float:left}

Better yet, get rid of the div altogether (you can style the li directly) and use h2 and h3 for the headings (so as to keep the markup semantic).

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Very close! The only problem I have now is that the text is wrapped around the image. I'd like to have the text next to the image. Imagine a table with two columns... – Mark Mar 4 '10 at 15:39
@Mark: in that case, leave the img outside of the div, float both the img and the div, specify a width for the div, and clear the floats using the br. The key here is to specify a width for the div so that the combined width of the div and the image fits into the width of the list. Otherwise, the div is floated underneath the image. – ЯegDwight Mar 4 '10 at 15:57
I experienced better results when the <br style="clear:both"> is inside the <div> (no additional line break before next item, as the line break is at the end of the text within the <div>) – arnep May 28 '14 at 12:34

you could give each <li> a class and apply

background url(image path) no-repeat;

then give a padding left equal to the width of the image to move text over and reveal the image

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I like this method and have used it plenty – Pieter Germishuys Mar 5 '10 at 12:34

Try <span> in place of <div>. Span is inline and and div is boxed. (There are other things you can do to make div inline, but I expect they would break the rest of your page.)

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The YouTube related views uses DIVs, not UL>LI combinations. Here's a scrap of their markup:

<div class="video-entry ">
        <a class="video-thumb-90" href="/watch?v=z-ze42I6NEo&amp;feature=related">
<img alt="Hereford Utd v Newcastle Utd 5 Feb 1972 (Hereford Utd Goals)" qlicon="z-ze42I6NEo" class="vimg90" src="" title="Hereford Utd v Newcastle Utd 5 Feb 1972 (Hereford Utd Goals)"><button onmousedown="'/Events/VideoWatch/QuickList+AddTo')" onmouseout="" onmouseover="" onclick="return, this.getAttribute('ql'), '', 'Hereford Utd v Newcastle Utd 5 Feb 1972 (Hereford Utd Goals)')" class="master-sprite QLIconImg addtoQL90" title="Add Video to QuickList" ql="z-ze42I6NEo"></button><span style="display: none;" class="quicklist-inlist">Added to <br> Quicklist</span><span class="video-time"><span>0:45</span></span></a>
        <div class="video-main-content">
            <div class="video-mini-title"><a rel="nofollow" title="Hereford Utd v Newcastle Utd 5 Feb 1972 (Hereford Utd Goals)" href="/watch?v=z-ze42I6NEo&amp;feature=related">Hereford Utd v Newcastle Utd 5 Feb 1972 (Herefo...</a></div>
            <div class="video-view-count">73,309 views</div>
            <div class="video-username"><a href="/user/Boney1960">Boney1960</a></div>

        <div class="video-clear-list-left"></div>

If you want to copy an effect you see, just examine the document's HTML. It's pretty simple to do.

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I did that. Firebug rules! I could reproduce the layout, but ran into another problem: the entries would always consume the complete width of the page (unless set to a specific value). I'd like the largest entry to determine the width of the whole list so that I can center the list eventually. – Mark Mar 4 '10 at 15:43

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