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All my products have vanished from my website (front end). They are all in the back end and I can open them and make changes etc. But they aren't appearing when I click on one of the tabs for a certain category.

The page comes up fine with the category details and the category feature image. But no products are showing.

I am using the JoomlArt theme called JM Wall, I have just updated to the latest version and I've tried the following; flush magento cache, flush cache storage, flush catalog images cache, flush javascript/css cache, also tried re-indexing all the data on the index management page.

Any suggestions on how to fix?

Magento ver.

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Check the design package and theme defined in backend and if its the same on frontend –  Slimshadddyyy May 22 at 10:29
Did products show up correctly before update to Magento 1.9? –  Gerard de Visser May 22 at 11:38
Some indexes cannot be run from backen. Did you try to run all indexes from shell? php shell/indexer.php reindexall –  Lukas Kral May 22 at 12:54
Yes the products all showed correctly before I done the update, I can't even access the configuration in the system back end now. It just shows a blank white page –  Dotcom May 22 at 18:54
How do I run the indexes from shell? –  Dotcom May 22 at 18:57

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