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// Will speed up references to window, and allows munging its name.
window = this,
// Will speed up references to undefined, and allows munging its name.
// Map over jQuery in case of overwrite
_jQuery = window.jQuery,
// Map over the $ in case of overwrite
_$ = window.$,

jQuery = window.jQuery = window.$ = function( selector, context ) {
    // The jQuery object is actually just the init constructor 'enhanced'
    return new jQuery.fn.init( selector, context );

Why does jQuery need "_$ = window.$" or "_jQuery = window.jQuery"? It doesn't make sense to me, but without this two lines, the framework doesn't work.

Thanks for any help..

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I don't see the relevance on this question. Why would you need to know that? window.$ IS $, so you can use it globally.. I think. – metrobalderas Mar 4 '10 at 15:30
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It's saving a reference to the values of $ and jQuery before it overwrites them so that you can call jQuery.noConflict() and restore the values.

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ok, thanks for the quick response and sorry for this stupid questions. Now it's clear, that this is only a reference. I didn't see anything anymore in this big javascript jungle :D – Bernd Artmueller Mar 4 '10 at 15:35

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