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I'm trying to register a component with castle LifestylePerWebRequest method and keep getting the error: "Looks like you forgot to register the http module Castle.MicroKernel.Lifestyle.PerWebRequestLifestyleModule To fix this add "

Although I have registered the castle module in the web.config file does it related to the fact that I'm working with Mvc-5?

my code:



web config:

    <modules >         
            <add name="PerRequestLifestyle" type="Castle.MicroKernel.Lifestyle.PerWebRequestLifestyleModule, Castle.Windsor" />                     


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Is this on IIS7? From the Castle documentation:

In order to function properly per web request requires a IHttpModule to be registered in your web.config: …

if you're running on IIS7 you may need to register it in system.webServer/modules section instead.

         <add name="PerRequestLifestyle" 
               Castle.Windsor" />
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