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There are some libraries to implement WebSocket usage in an unobtrusive fashion. Apparently, there are many libraries out, but what I really looking is a modern and small library which I can use on Android or Java in generall to implement my WebSocket usage from the client side.

So far I have found:

I am missing a bit the differences of the differnet libraries. JAX-RS 2.0 for instance seems to be a great foundation for a lot of implementations, but I also went with Square's Retrofit for my RESTful Client because it was just leaner and easy to integrate.

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Project Tyrus is your friend. – Jin Kwon May 22 '14 at 11:44
nv-websocket-client is a new WebSocket client library written in Java. It requires just Java SE 1.5, so it can run on Android. The size of nv-websocket-client-1.3.jar (released on 2015-05-06) is 62,854 bytes and it does not require any external dependencies. See "WebSocket client library (Java SE 1.5+, Android)" for details. – Takahiko Kawasaki May 6 at 12:54

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I just work on one of my first web socket app in android. So I do lot of R&D before I starting and at last I found these two libs are very simple and useful for my requirement.

1 ) AndroidAsync (For clients )

2 ) Java-WebSocket ( ) for Server

Both are very simple and easy to use.

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I wouldn't recommend that server library. It isn't being maintained and it has lots of open issues. – Janus Troelsen Feb 4 at 21:50

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