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I need simple PHP crawler , which can crawl a whole page and find specific link to me, and show me where is this link placed. I found many examples but many of them are so hard I can't just understand or use. For example I have page www.example.com I will crawl whole page with some deepness, and find some link to www.diferentpage.com , and output me where crawler found this link.

I tried to change this example but output is not what I was expecting for. this is my code , bud it continue to crawl when it finds it , i need it to stop and give me some print out

$crawler = new MyCrawler(); 

$crawler->setURL("http://www.wherewesearch.com"); //where we search link

$crawler->addURLFilterRule("#\.(jpg|gif|png|pdf|jpeg|svg|css|js)$# i");
$crawler->addURLFollowRule("http://www.whatwesearch.com"); //i whant to find this link on site
$crawler->setTrafficLimit(2000 * 1024);  
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Look at one of the Symfony components - Dom Crawler –  bartek May 22 at 12:15

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