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I am using JavaFX's WebEngine to implement OAuth for login to a website. Everything about the login process works fine, however I have noticed that the username and password is not remembered the next time I attempt to login (like other web browsers do).

Is there an option to allow WebEngine to behave like other browsers (such as Chrome) to remember form information?

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You need to get forms elements and sets its values. Maybe you need call javascript from javafx? – zella May 23 '14 at 10:39
Usefull link – zella May 23 '14 at 10:40

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Optionally, you can write login/password to disk. After that restore it and set login/password to form (or set and submit) via javascript, e.g.

String javascript = new StringBuilder()
                .append("function submitData() {if(document.getElementsByName('email') == undefined) return; document.getElementsByName('email')[0].value='")
                .append("'; document.getElementsByName('pass')[0].value='").append(String.copyValueOf(authData.getPassword()))
                .append("'; document.forms[0].submit();} submitData();").toString();

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