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Created a folder on the server called InstrumentOutputFiles, with three sub folders. Output files from a lab machine will be stored in these folders. The developed database is in 2010 Access and interfaces with a defined set of folders on the server.

The list of these folder paths are in a form called frmACBusUnit. I am supposed to add a new field to the table tblBusUnit with a script to create InstrumentOutputs varchar(200) whichI think I've done with

--  tblBusUnit Add InstrumentOutputs column
WHERE (TABLE_NAME = 'tblBusUnit' AND COLUMN_NAME = 'InstrumentOutputs'))
ADD InstrumentOutputs nvarchar(200) NULL

Then I will have to populate the new field with a path to the folder and then add the new InstrumentsOutputs field to frmACBusUnit.

My question is how do I populate a field with a path to a folder?

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SQL Server <> Access –  podiluska May 22 '14 at 15:48

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You'll need some way of identifying the correct row, such as a primary key Id, but it looks something like this:

UPDATE tblBusUnit SET InstrumentOutputs = 'YourFolderPath' WHERE MyIdField = Id

This works pretty much how it reads: it will set the value of the column InstrumentOutputs equal to whatever you put inside the quotes, but only on rows that match the criteria provided.

Be a bit careful doing updates if you're not sure how they work. You might want to backup your database first, and work with that until you're confident of what you're doing. Then back it up again before trying on the live data.

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