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Simple question - how to map serial port (serial2USB as /dev/ttyUSB0) to XenApp with Citrix receiver 13 on Linux (Ubuntu 13)?

With Citrix receiver 12, I can run connection manager (wfcmgr) and map desired port in preferences, but CR13 dont have this manager. I tried to manually edit wfclient.ini and put there these lines (copied from wfclient.ini used by CR12):


But nothing happened. In addition, I found this link so maybe I should ask: How to redirect USB devices? (and throw away this COM antique)

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So, lines in wfclient.ini are correct but I was operating with incorrect information that unix kernel v.2.4.20 (and higher) contains drivers for TFDI devices. Truth is that these drivers are in kernel v.2.6.31 (and higher). I should have to check dmesg... sigh

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