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I want to use Ubuntu Linux, but I cant because I need to programming in .NET What can you advise me to do?

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apt-get install monodevelop libmono-microsoft-visualbasic8.0-cil – Stefan Steiger May 26 '11 at 20:16

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mono is an opensource version of the runtime that runs on linux and mac

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MonoTools (the ad I think you're referring to) is a Windows only solution. but lol - targeted advertising does have its value sometimes – Kevin McKelvin Mar 4 '10 at 17:33

You could always use Mono. You could use a virtual machine and install Windows and Visual Studio in that.

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I used virtual machine, but it isnt comfortable.. – Sergey Mar 4 '10 at 17:29

Mono and MonoDev, a virtual machine such as QEmu, or if you are feeling brave, you can try using WINE, but it has limited compatibility with certain versions of .NET and VisualStudio.

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Mono is an opon source implementation of .NET. It still has it's flaws, but is rapidly evolving. For development, MonoDevelop might be a good choice.

But (especially if you have a hardware virtualization-capable cpu) the best thing you can do is to fire up vmware or virtualbox, and hava a small windows install at hand.

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Mono 2.4 is a great cross-platform implementation of the CLR.

Coupled with Mono, you can use MonoDevelop to edit normal VS .sln files. It's not as powerful as Visual Studio, but still quite capable.

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I suggest that you dual boot Windows and Linux. Mono is solid, but it is still not as fully featured, especially in the Silverlight world. Moonlight is cool, but always a few steps behind.

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This is interesting, i don't know of anyway. You can write .net applications for linux using mono i think. And you can always write code in any editor.

Check microsoft websites to see if they have atleast a command line compiler for linux (honestly i dont know of one).

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