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I have a model in /app/Model/User.php where I would like to read a file. The file is located in /app/View/Emails/html/welcome.html:

$message = file_get_contents('../View/Emails/html/welcome.html');

This works locally but not online. What to change?

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You do it wrong, what you try is already covered by the framework. See this, "Sending templated emails". Reading the book is always a good idea. Copy and paste from the book:

Emails are often much more than just a simple text message. In order to facilitate that, CakePHP provides a way to send emails using CakePHP’s view layer.

The templates for emails reside in a special folder in your applications View directory called Emails. Email views can also use layouts, and elements just like normal views:

$Email = new CakeEmail();
$Email->template('welcome', 'fancy')

The above would use app/View/Emails/html/welcome.ctp for the view, and app/View/Layouts/Emails/html/fancy.ctp for the layout. You can send multipart templated email messages as well:

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You're absolutely correct. I modified my method so a template is used now. Thanks. – mosquito87 May 23 '14 at 14:05

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