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I'm trying to access a 2nd window opened by my test code:

.click('.footer-content li:nth-child(thisItem)')

I can see the correct page open in the browser, but the test still returns the title of the originating page. Am I using .toWindow correctly?

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You need to pass it the name of the window, see:

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1. Is there a way to assign a window name to the .click statement? The <a href> includes a target="_blank" argument. 2. Is there a way to capture the URL from the <a href> tag and then use a new .open statement? Something like var myLink = ('.footer-content li:nth-child(7) a[href]') and .open(myLink)? Eventually I would expand this into a for loop over all the li items. –  hildtfw Jun 5 '14 at 17:59

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