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I have a profile form which updates user information.In this form there are fields to enter Credit Card Information. Stripe is being used as the payment gateway. I have followed Ryan Bates episode on integration of rails with Stripe.

The only difference(what I see is) between his example and my implementation is that he uses a new form where as my form updates.

This is my form partial written in haml:

= form_for([@user, @profile], url: user_profile_path(@user), :html => { :multipart => true }) do |f|

  - unless @profile.avatar.url == '/avatars/original/missing.png'
    = image_tag @profile.avatar.url(:square)
  = f.file_field :avatar, hide_label: true
  %h3 Credit Card Information
  - if @profile.stripe_customer_token.present?
    Credit card has been provided.
  - else
    = f.hidden_field :stripe_customer_token
    = f.text_field :credit_card_number, :autocomplete => false, label: "Credit Card Number", id: "card_number"
    = f.text_field :card_code, :size => 4, :autocomplete => "off", label: "CVV Code", id: "card_code"
      = label_tag :exp_month, "Card Expiration"
      = select_month nil, {add_month_numbers: true}, {name: :exp_month, id: "card_month", class: "form-control"}
      = select_year nil, {start_year: Date.today.year, end_year: Date.today.year+15}, {name: :exp_year, id: "card_year", class: "form-control"}
      %noscript JavaScript is not enabled and is required for this form. First enable it in your web browser settings.
  = f.submit nil, id: "update_profile"

and this the coffee script:

jQuery ->

profile =
  setupForm: ->
    $('#update_profile').submit ->     ##### LINE A #####
      $('input[type=submit]').attr('disabled', true)
      if $('#card_number').length

  processCard: ->
    card =
      number: $('#card_number').val()
      cvc: $('#card_code').val()
      expMonth: $('#card_month').val()
      expYear: $('#card_year').val()
    Stripe.createToken(card, profile.handleStripeResponse)

  handleStripeResponse: (status, response) ->
    if status == 200
      $('#update_profile')[0].submit()      ###### LINE B #####
      $('input[type=submit]').attr('disabled', false)

The Problem

  1. On clicking submit on the browser, coffee script does not detect the form submission at LINE A.
  2. Introducing a random link and changing LINE A to find that link- from submit to click, detects the user click but LINE B does not work.


Why does the coffee script not detect the user click and how do I get this to work.

Can this be done with Java script?

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Does setupForm get called? Is there an id="update_profile" in the DOM when it does? Is #update_profile a <form>? Why would expect a submit to work when you still have a #card_number element? Wouldn't it make more sense to check for the presence of $('#profile_stripe_customer_token').val()? –  mu is too short May 22 '14 at 20:13
setupFor does get called. There is an id="update_profile" in the DOM at that time. Not sure how to check if #update_form is a <form> (How do I validate that)? $('#profile_stripe_customer_token').val() could be done as well, i was just copy pasting Ryan Bates code. –  Amey May 22 '14 at 20:25
A quick look in a DOM inspector will tell you what #update_profile is. Or you could look at $('#update_profile') in the console. I don't see how copy'n'pasting code is in your best interests, if you don't understand the code then you shouldn't be using it. –  mu is too short May 22 '14 at 20:42
BTW, the = f.submit nil, id: "update_profile" in your HAML would suggest that #update_profile is an <input type="submit">, not a <form>. You need to bind your submit handler to the <form>. –  mu is too short May 22 '14 at 20:46
#update_profile is an <input type="submit">. How do I "bind" the submit handler? this is how to the DOM element looks - <input id="update_profile" class="btn btn-default" type="submit" value="Update Profile" name="commit">. Rails did not assign an id, so I manually assigned one. I am sensing from your reply that it is bad/incorrect practice –  Amey May 22 '14 at 20:47

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