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I am trying to call a bash script in perl, by doing this -

my $which_mpi = "/sw/tools/tacc/builds/carter/site/salt_which_mpi";
$mpi_stack = system("$which_mpi",-n);

the problem is that I want the script to execute when it is called by system command in line

$mpi_stack = system("$which_mpi",-n);

but the problem with this is while assigning the path in $which_mpi it automatically executes the script. So instead of me getting this value

WHICH_MPI : /sw/tools/salt/builds/carter/altd/bin/site/salt_which_mpi

I am getting the path with the output of the bash script like

WHICH_MPI : /sw/tools/salt/builds/carter/altd/bin/site/salt_which_mpiopenmpi 1.6.1

where openmpi 1.6.1 is the output of my salt_which_mpi bash script.

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You can use perl's backtick operator

`bash -c "$WHICH_MPI"`

take a look at this question: another stackoverflow question

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No worries I used this and it worked $mpi_stack = "$which_mpi --name; "thanks! which is close to you suggested. –  kay May 22 '14 at 19:38

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