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I get the following warning/error in xcode:

Autosynthesized property 'view' will use synthesized instance variable '_view', not existing instance variable 'view'

when I was trying to redefine/override the class of the view property on my NSViewController.

@interface DABListViewController : NSViewController
  @property (nonatomic, strong) DABListViewControllerView *view;

Also, the view doesn't seem to appear. This question looks similar but didn't work.

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NSViewController already has a property called view. You can't override that property by declaring another property with the same name. What you can do is 1) create an instance of DABListViewController 2) alloc/init a DABListViewControllerView as a local variable 3) call the view controller's setView: method to change the view. Either that, or just use the Identity inspector in Interface Builder to change the class of the view. –  user3386109 May 22 at 20:28
I see thanks. Can this comment be an answer? I don't feel like my question is a duplicate of either of the questions it's marked a duplicate of. This comment answers my question but conflicts the answer I found here as far as I can tell. –  waggles May 23 at 1:57
After a question gets closed, it's not possible to add answers. That's why I posted as a comment. FWIW, I agree that your question is not a duplicate of the ones they chose. –  user3386109 May 23 at 4:51

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Including the @dynamic view; in my implementation file fixed the problem.

@implementation TSPollListViewController

  @dynamic view;

  - (void)loadView {
    self.view = [[DABListViewControllerView alloc] init];


The @dynamic tells the compiler not worry about the properties because they'll be taken care of at run time. I guess in telling the compiler to ignore the property we don't override the view instance variable defined in NSViewController. I think this also means there is no _view. This should work with UIViewController and most properties you want to redefine the Type for in subclasses.

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@dynamic isn't the correct solution... see: stackoverflow.com/questions/19505995/… –  Grady Player May 22 at 19:18
To re-emphasize; DO NOT DO THIS! Totally the wrong "fix"; not a fix at all. –  bbum May 22 at 20:25
Hmm, sorry @bbum. So this answer is also wrong and misleading or is there a different situation there? I thought I was essentially doing what was described there, but when I left out the @dynamic I got the warning. –  waggles May 23 at 1:32
Travis Jeffery in his blog has highlighted exactly this solution as absolutely correct. Can anyone explain where is the truth? –  NAlexN May 23 at 5:06
@bbum; As far as I know about @dynamic, it just prevents autogeneration of accessory methods, so the subclass will use superclass's setView: and view methods, so everything there should be fine, or not? –  NAlexN May 23 at 5:23

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