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Please advice or share a sample code to create X509 certificate with serial like 123746392047474849, from existing CA certificate with private key and CSR request. I tried to use OpenSSL.Net, but it only accepts "int" serials.

Thanks a lot, Alex

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You can use BouncyCastle library which supports BigIntegers and is fully written in C#.

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Isn't that obsolete now? I saw it wasn't being developed for a long time... – LucID May 23 '14 at 7:28
No, there is some progress. Version 1.8.0 beta2 was announced in march 2014. If you look at this page there is v1.8.0 beta3 now available. Subscribe to the mailing list to get all the news. It seems they do not update the web page very often. – pepo May 23 '14 at 7:55

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