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I am having trouble logging errors in my nodejs application. Basically I have a bunch of log messages that are writing to mongoDB asynchronously using the winston module: https://github.com/flatiron/winston.

But whenever my app encounters an error, the log messages right before the error occurs (i.e. the ones most critical to debugging the error) are failing to write to mongo. They show up in the console fine, so I assume the logger doesn't have time to write to mongo before the process crashes. I tried using the option {safe: true} with the winston mongo transport: https://github.com/indexzero/winston-mongodb, which had no effect. Is there a workaround for this, or some kind of synchronous js driver for mongo?

Also, I know winston's log method accepts a callback, but that seems like overkill, having to put all code inside callbacks to a log message.

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