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I am looking for a template engine with iteration, bifurcation, markup alike and that takes a string for template input rather a file.

That's because I have my own way to supply the input template, and is not for a file.

Also it's have to be opensource.

Do you know something like this?

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possible duplicate of Suggestions for a Java-based templating engine? – ripper234 Nov 22 '11 at 15:18
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I've recently used StringTemplate and it seems pretty good, open source, and requires a Reader as template input, so providing a StringReader isn't difficult.

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Take into account that StringTemplate enforces model-view separation so far that it even intentionally doesn't support comparison in <if> expressions. – Vadzim Aug 29 '12 at 7:43
StringTemplate is also part of the ANTLR project. – Matt Crinklaw-Vogt Jul 15 '13 at 15:04
It does not support iteration and <if> – Alexey Oct 5 '13 at 23:16

There is no such things called best, just proper solution to certain problem. I'd like to introduce my work: Rythm template engine, which is a lightweight and super fast template engine in Java using the clean Razor like syntax. Rythm has rich features and supports page layout/inheritance, customized tags (either in template or java class), dynamic reload at dev mode and much more.

The API is simple:

  1. render with inline string:

    String output = Rythm.render("@args String who;hello @who!", "world");

  2. render with template file:

    String output = Rythm.render("hello.txt", "world");


The latest version (1.0.0-20120703) provides an new feature called String interpolation mode which allows you to omit the render argument declaration for simple template, hence now you can do something like:

String output = Rythm.render("hello @who!", "world");

This simplicity makes Rythm a good replacement for String.format() in many cases. And did I mention that it's 2x faster than String.format()?

Updates 16 Apr 2013

  • Checkout the interactive Rythm Fiddle site to get an idea of the Rythm syntax.
  • Checkout the Rythm project site to get complete document for developers and template authors
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I'd like to suggest you Thymeleaf. Here you have a comparison with JSP.

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Try FreeMarker. It is flexible and has good documentation. I have used it in the past and had no problems.

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Check out velocity . Even if at first look at seems to be file-based, it can be used with templates from any source, even strings.

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Shameless self-plug.

The Chunk Java template engine can do this. And a lot more.

Chunk c = new Chunk();

// The template can be a string in your code (ick) or loaded from elsewhere
String myTemplate = "This is my template with {$tags} and <html>";

c.set("tags", "Glorious tags!");

String output = c.toString();
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Sorry, nothing in the works for netbeans. I will take a look when I get some free cycles. – Tom McClure Jan 15 '13 at 17:51
Chunk is very small, only 180 KB. I like it ! – dns Jun 6 '14 at 15:07

If you are looking for a Java/web template engine for HTML, try Mixer2.

You can use String,, and as a template.

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