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i would like to know if this can be done...

data NumeroConBase = 
    NumeroConBase { num :: Integer,
            base :: Integer

(|) :: String -> Int -> NumeroConBase

basically y would like to write 344D|5 and work with that... im getting an error on "|".


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| is one of the very few symbol sequences which cannot be used as an operator name in Haskell. The full list is: .., :, ::, =, \, |, <-, ->, @, ~, => and the comment delimiters. All of these have special syntactical meaning. In your case, the lone pipe is used in guards and data declarations.

(Minutiae: the restrictions only apply if the sequences are used on their own; so something like @@ or --> works fine. Also, operators starting with : can only be used as infix constructors in data declarations.)

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Indeed, otherwise x | True = 5::Int could be a definition of x :: Int or of (|) :: a -> Bool -> Int, so an ambiguity arises. –  chi May 22 '14 at 22:09

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