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What is the proper way to take a BST that contains a generic K and V and extend it to another class containing the same types K and V? What I have is:

public abstract class BST<K extends <Class<K,V>, V>

But this is incorrect because when I try to override the abstract methods by defining them in Class, I get an error message saying "the method [method-name] in the type BST is not applicable for the arguments (K)".

// Parent Class
public abstract class ParentClass<K,V> implements Iterable<K> {

// BST Class:
public abstract class BST<K,V> extends ParentClass<K,V> {
    abstract boolean containsKey(K k);

// Sub-class of BST Class
public class OtherClass<K,V> extends BST<K,V>{

 public boolean containsKey(K k) {
    if (this.key.equals(k)) {
        return true;
    } else return (left.containsKey(k) ||
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Wait a minute. Do you want your key to be bound, your value to be bound, or both? –  Makoto May 22 at 23:04
I'm not sure what that means, but I think I want just the key to be bound. –  user3667021 May 22 at 23:11
I'm a bit lost. What hafizhan has is correct if you want to have your child class bound to the same generics as the parent class. You mention a method; could you provide the signature of the method and the exact error message? –  Makoto May 22 at 23:15
you were not override you method, the method signature is different, and also public class OtherClass<K,V> extends BST missing <K,V> at the end –  haifzhan May 22 at 23:24
Where is your containsKey method? –  Makoto May 22 at 23:24

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Dont use Class check it here, it is already declared in Java. In abstract class, you can implement the method, or only provide method signature, depends on you.

public abstract class Clazz<K,V> {
    public void hello(){

public abstract class BST<K,V> extends Clazz<K,V> {
    public void hello(){

public class BSTImplementation<K,V>  extends BST<K,V>{
    public static void main(String[]args){
        BSTImplementation<String,String> bsti = new BSTImplementation<>();

    //public void hello(){
    //    System.out.println("BSTImplementation");


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This is what I had at first, but I get back a name clash error for the methods in Class stating "the method has the same erasure as [method-name] of type BST but does not override it" –  user3667021 May 22 at 23:10
can you paste your code? –  haifzhan May 22 at 23:11

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