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I'm trying to tail a log file in Windows 2k8 using powershell, and then have it sent to the Windows event Viewer.

I know that powershell can 'tail' the log by running:

Get-Content -Path C:\logs\events.log -Wait

This will tail the logs in real time (similar to -f in linux tail).

Powershell can also write to Windows event system logs:

Write-EventLog System -source System -eventid 12345 -message "test"

I was wondering how (or if) I could pipe the tailed log results as the Write-EventLog message?

I'm thinking that since this is a Windows environment, it may need to be scripted to call a message variable taken from Get-Content? Does anyone know how, or if this can be done? My google searches haven't lead me to real time Windows event logging.

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You can probably do something like this:

function Write-EventlogCustom($msg) {
    Write-EventLog System -source System -eventid 12345 -message $msg

Get-Content -Path C:\logs\events.log -Wait | % {Write-EventlogCustom $_}

You don't necessarily need to make a function, I just used it to make the code cleaner.

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thanks. i wasn't 100% familiar with the powershell syntax, so much appreciated! – hobbes May 23 '14 at 18:15

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