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I'm trying to use PowerTutor application to do research about Power consumption (CPU, Wifi etc.) in my Sony Xperia U device. Unfortunately PowerTutor doesn't find info about my wifi interface, so I imported project to Eclipse and found a part of code:

/* Try to grab the interface name.  If we can't find it will take a wild
 * stab in the dark.
String interfaceName = SystemInfo.getInstance().getProperty("wifi.interface");
if(interfaceName == null) interfaceName = "eth0";

lastLinkSpeed = -1;
wifiState = new WifiStateKeeper(phoneConstants.wifiHighLowTransition(),
uidStates = new SparseArray<WifiStateKeeper>();
transPacketsFile = "/sys/devices/virtual/net/" +
                   interfaceName + "/statistics/tx_packets";
readPacketsFile = "/sys/devices/virtual/net/" +
                  interfaceName + "/statistics/rx_packets";
transBytesFile = "/sys/devices/virtual/net/" +
                 interfaceName + "/statistics/tx_bytes";
readBytesFile = "/sys/devices/virtual/net/" +
                interfaceName + "/statistics/rx_bytes";
uidStatsFolder = new File("/proc/uid_stat");

I found in my device a path: /sys/devices/virtual/net/ and there are 3 directories: ip6tnl0, lo and shrm0. In each of them are directories called statistics and subsystem where I can find files like "tx_packets", "rx_packets" etc.

I am a little bit confused which of them indeed contains the most important information for me. Thank you in advice! Regards:)

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