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I want to be able to select a city from an existing array of cities.

I have stored the cities in an array in the ControllerName controller as a global variable

$cities = ["city1"...."city20"]

and I want to be able to access them via : <%= p.select(:city, $cities{ |c| [c.name, c.id]}) %>

but then I receive the error message undefined method name for 'city1'.

How can I select from that existing array? Should I make some controller for cities?

Update #1

I came to make this code


@city = Array.new
i = $cities.size 

i.times do |x|
  @city[x] = City.new
  @city << $cities[x]

and instead of undefined methodname' for "City1":StringI gotundefined method name' for "City20":String

PS : the table of cities has a column named 'name', so the problem isn't particularly there

Update #2 : Issue Solved

After reading a bit in this Rails Documentation I was able to make a little improvement on my code and I actually could solve the issue.

In my form , I have edited the code to that :

<%= p.select(:city, options_for_select( @cities_array ) )%>

And in my ControllerName Controller , I have put this :

$cities.length.times do |x|
@city = City.new({:name => $cities[x]})

@cities_array = City.all.map { |city| [city.name, city.id] } 

And that was all to it.

If you have any alternative solution , be it simpler or more complex, please share it as an answer.

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If City is a model then is better that you add your cities as seeds. Right now your code will add into db all your cities each time you call your action. –  Aguardientico May 23 at 16:19
That's right, I was struggling again to find a way to set them once and for all. How can I put them as seeds –  psycatham May 23 at 16:22
BTW: The easiest solution (I think): p.select :city, City.pluck(:name, :id) –  Aguardientico May 23 at 16:22
in db/seeds.rb, add your create cities logic there, then in console run rake db:seed –  Aguardientico May 23 at 16:24
I am a newbie to RoR And Ruby itself, so please provide me some pretty mode detailed guidance, it'll be better if you post it as an answer. –  psycatham May 23 at 16:25

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You have multiple options to insert data into your database.

The first one. Add this on a migration:

rails generate migration add_cities_rows

inside your migration you can add something like:

cities = ['city1', 'city2', 'city3']
cities.each {|city| City.create(name: city)}

then you can run: rake db:migrate

You can add the same logic in db/seeds.rb file so if you want to regenerate your database running rake db:setup it will do the magic.

In your view(where you are using the select helper you can use the following sintaxis to fill the select:

<%= p.select :city, City.pluck(:name, :id) %>

So in your controller yo don't needto add any logic

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Imagine there is something I want to add to my database each time, practically each time I call rake db:seed the data will be re-written in my database, how to avoid that? –  psycatham May 23 at 16:56
When you want to add new data just add this a migration "seed stuff" is used when you want to refill/regenerate your database –  Aguardientico May 23 at 16:59
I added the logic to self.up function in migration and I ran rake db:migrate but it does not put data into my db. What's happening? –  psycatham May 23 at 17:18
Something in the log? –  Aguardientico May 23 at 17:20
It looks lke you are editing an old migration iy you want to rerun then first you should do a rollback or create a new migration –  Aguardientico May 23 at 17:31

This error is because 'city1' is a string and you are calling name method on a String object which isn't defined.

Probably you may have a City Model defined and must be having a database column **name within. So name method will be defined for a City object

Here, $cities is an array of strings which should be an array of City Objects instead.

Yes, make a controller for Cities and collect city objects array from these array of strings and pass on that to view

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Can you provide an example of the code I should write to make an array of City Objects ? I came to make this @city = City.new $cities.length.times do |x| @city[x] =$cities[x] end But it does not seem to do the trick. –  psycatham May 23 at 14:17

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