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I try to run a series of test cases on Ubuntu with py.test and is not collecting my test cases from a folder. I use unittest to write test cases.

On Windows i use this command:

py.test –v "folder with test cases" > log_file.txt

The output from Windows:

============================= test session starts =============================
platform win32 -- Python 2.6.3 -- py-1.4.20 -- pytest-2.5.2 -- C:\Python26\python.exe
plugins: capturelog
collecting ... collected 27 items

Same command on Ubuntu, the output is:

============================= test session starts ==============================
platform linux2 -- Python 2.7.3 -- pytest-1.3.4
test path 1: TestScenario01/

===============================  in 0.01 seconds ===============================

I use different Python versions, because on Windows Scapy works only with Python 2.6. Another difference is that on Windows appears py-1.4.20 and pytest-2.5.2. I have them installed on Ubuntu too.

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Are your test cases prefixed with test_? –  Tim Castelijns May 23 at 5:56
They are testTS0x. And i have setup.cfg: python_files=*.py python_classes=TS* python_functions=test* –  user2399087 May 23 at 6:01
Right well check pytest.org/latest/goodpractises.html#test-discovery just to be sure –  Tim Castelijns May 23 at 6:03

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I managed to start tests. I had to remove the old py-1.3.4 module and install py-1.4.2 and also had to upgrade pytest to version 2.5.2. Now it works.

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