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What does template<typename A B> mean? template<typename A, typename B> means template with two types but what does the first one mean? I saw this kind in STL Set Class. Specifically

template <class _Key, 
          class _Compare __STL_DEPENDENT_DEFAULT_TMPL(less<_Key>),
          class _Alloc = __STL_DEFAULT_ALLOCATOR(_Key)>
class set;
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It's just a macro that either evaluates to something like = less<_Key> or nothing depending on whether your compiler supports default template arguments.

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In general is there any meaning for template<typename A B> ? –  Vinay May 23 at 6:27
@Vinay No, assuming A and B are not macros, template<typename A B> is a syntax error. –  user657267 May 23 at 6:28
Thankyou @user657267 –  Vinay May 23 at 6:29

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