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I have this method in cs page:

public String getToolTip(Object productId, Object imgBtnId)
    return UtilsStatic.getWishListButtonToolTip(Int32.Parse(productId.ToString()), getCumparaturiCategoryID(imgBtnId.ToString()));

and i want to call it from asp.net page (aspx).

I tried like this but it fails:

 ToolTip="<%# getToolTip(getProductIdNoutatiFeatured(), 'imgBtnWishSubcategory2Featured')%>"/>

Please note that the second parameter is an hardcoded string...but it says:

CS1012: Too many characters in character literal

I think it is wrong to put the string between ' '. But how?

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You can't use single quotes for a string, you have to reverse the usage of single- and double-quotes:

ToolTip='<%# getToolTip(getProductIdNoutatiFeatured(),
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Thanks a lot. :) –  Cristian Boariu Mar 4 '10 at 19:51

It should be

ToolTip="<%# getToolTip(getProductIdNoutatiFeatured(), \"imgBtnWishSubcategory2Featured\")%>"/>
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I think as well as the quotes issue you are trying to use the binding <%# %> instead of writing out the result with a starndard response.write


'<%=getToolTip(getProductIdNoutatiFeatured(), "imgBtnWishSubcategory2Featured")%>'
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