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I had added some content and thumbnail image in my post, I need to check the recent preview changes what I made, when I click preview button before update the images are show the changes made by me but for the content its not showing what the changes.

I had deactivate every plugin one by one and check the issue but its not working and I had added a code

/WordPress/wp-includes/link-template.php (Wordpress is the install directory) (in case your using the root then just locate the wp-includes folder)

Line number 161, it reads as:

$permalink = home_URL('?p=' . $post->ID);

Copy this there:

$permalink = home_URL('index.php?p=' . $post->ID);

But still its not working. Can someone help for this issue?

i had used this following code

<?php echo $contact_title ?>
<?php echo $contact_content ?>
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