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How can I sort an array based on two specific values within the array? For instance:

$arr = array(
             array('a' => array('field1' => 'Abc', 'field2' => 'Def'), 'b' => 0)
             array('a' => array('field1' => 'Ghi', 'field2' => 'Jkl'), 'b' => 0)

I want to sort this array based on the $arr[$i]['a']['field1'] variable. How can I do that?

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Give this a try:

function cmp($a, $b) {
    if ($a['a']['field1'] == $b['a']['field1'] )
        return 0;
    return ( $a['a']['field1'] < $b['a']['field1'] ) ? -1 : 1;

uasort($arr, 'cmp');

This is just a slight alteration of the example provided on the PHP documentation page:

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You could however print the function down to 1 line: return strcmp($a['field'],$b['field']); – Wrikken Feb 29 '12 at 17:55

Create your own comparison function and use uasort

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in this particular case (sort on very first item of the very first subarray), simple sort() will be enough.

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