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I have a datepicker control that I want to debug in IE (Chrome is fine, Chrome is super!). Each time when the breakpoint is triggerred the control looses a focus. Do you know any tool/plugin etc that can keep a focus while I'm stepping over in a debugger?

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Ugh, no fun. For focus debugging, sadly, one usually has to fall back on console.log statements (just make sure you remember to remove them when done). –  T.J. Crowder May 23 at 7:43
Yeah, log is an option of course, I was just wander if there is a tool or plugin, that can help me. –  P_O May 25 at 23:03
Yeah, I was kind of hoping someone would know of one. But while a couple of the mobile browsers have remote debugging (which is basically what you'd need, to be able to debug from a different machine -- switching apps affects focus too), as far as I know desktop browser support for remote debugging is lagging... You might see if you can get weinre to help with it. –  T.J. Crowder May 26 at 8:31

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Thanks to T.J. Crowder for his comments. I found that a conditional breakpoint + trace solves my problem. That's not perfect, but does its job.

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