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i have published my project and exe file has been created....

now i want to make a installer with some other applications...i have

.netframework 3.5

now i want to make a single installer that should install these application at once...how should i do that

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Regarding packaging the .NET Framework 3.5 into your setup project, read Microsoft KB Article 324733. In short, you can't do what you asked for. You can specify .NET as a pre-requisite, and you can detect that the pre-req is missing, but the user must elect to install .NET separately, and must run a separate MSI to install .NET.

About Adobe Flash, I don't know.

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"You can't do what you asked for." --

Well, at least not with the deployment model offered by Microsoft inside Visual Studio.

Pay $$$ and get InstallShield (or some such) and, oh, spend A LONG TIME learning it, then its cake !

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