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I am working with a backbone project at the minute where, I have an overall project and then within that I have collections that hold other models, take a look at the structure here,

    Project {cid: "c2", attributes: Object, _changing: false, _previousAttributes: Object, changed: Object…}
_changing: false
_events: Object
_pending: false
_previousAttributes: Object
attributes: Object
additional_info: ""
brief: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce elementum bibendum nibh sit amet feugiat. Integer dictum et enim eget iaculis. Phasellus auctor a libero sed faucibus. Ut a enim pulvinar, gravida lorem ut, convallis lectus. Ut tristique est sit amet massa semper porttitor. Phasellus dapibus pharetra nibh, sit amet dictum lorem faucibus ac. Quisque blandit erat nec orci elementum, at ullamcorper quam cursus. Nulla facilisi."
client: Object
client_id: "240"
client_name: ""
colour: "#b4da55"
created: "2014-05-16 15:14:32"
created_by: "14"
creator: ""
dates: Array[2]
end_date: null
file_byte_count: "0.00 B"
file_count: null
files: r
group_id: null
id: 698
is_owner: true
items: r
last_deadline: "2014-05-22 00:00:00"
owner: 3
owner_id: 14
progress: "0"
project_id: null
project_name: "Simon's Project"
start_date: null
status: "Active"
tasks: r
type: null
updated: "2014-05-22 15:14:32"
__proto__: Object
changed: Object
cid: "c2"
id: 698
__proto__: ctor

What I am wanting to do is get some attributes from the items collection/model and copy/reference (I think it is reference into the main parent model. Is this possible? How would I go about doing this?

I tried, this.set('item_files', this.get('items').get('files'))` but to no avail. Ideally for each files model in items, I want to a new model to the files collections in the level above it.

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It's difficult to understand what you actually want to do. What is your entity relationship looking like and how did you implement it with backbone models so far? You're probably looking for something like backbone-relational... Could you please try to clarify these points? –  matthias May 23 at 14:14

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