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I have a simple function, it prints out either 1 or 0. And in the CakePHP template, it directly puts out the result.

I discovered i get extra "??" when I was testing my PHP<->JS json communications, JS never parses my result. And I figured this way to test it.

When I copy (select all) the result into Notepad++, I found there were 2 questions marks in front of my result ("??result") instead of "result". My Notepad++ default new file was in ANSI, and I lost the 2 questions marks after I change the encondings to "UTF-8"

All of these started to happening all of a sudden. I was ok on a previous finished page, and getting these errors after I started a new one. I dunno what happened.



WAMP 2.5

CakePHP 2.5

EDIT: after some research, the problem could be something with BOM. I am not quite sure with it. I resaved files to UTF-8 without BOM. It did not seem helpful.

I started to notice this error when my js could not parse the JSON returned from php. and I copied them to some JSON checker sites. when i did it, there were several unknown charaters('?',etc depending on the site i was using) in the front. And then I did some simple tests and traced the problem to php end.

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When there are no ?? in the content, copy all codes in Notepad++, change to file encoding to UTF-8 without BOM, paste the contents and save the file. – Raptor May 23 '14 at 8:55
@Raptor the file encodings are in UTF-8, i get the ?? when I copy the web content (it is 1). it only gets me ?? if copy it into Notepad++ in ANSI. – Joeson Hwang May 23 '14 at 9:05
@Raptor, the web content is 1 (appears to be 1). the hidden ?? appears in ANSI – Joeson Hwang May 23 '14 at 9:05
@Raptor, if i type 1 in a utf-8 file and convert it ANSI, its still 1,no ??. this is really confusing me – Joeson Hwang May 23 '14 at 9:06
There's no point to convert a UTF-8 file to ANSI, which has high chance of losing precision on contents. – Raptor May 23 '14 at 9:12

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Okay, It's the evil BOM.. problem solved. God, it is so hard to be dealing with other languages which requires more than ASCII.

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