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I have wxWidgets application with a couple of wxMenus (Open, Edit, View, etc.).

On the View menu I have some checkboxes.

Question: Can I change the state of a specific checkbox withouth explicitly clicking on it ?

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Did you even look in the manual? virtual void wxMenuItem::Check(bool check = true) –  Biffen May 23 at 10:58
Yes but according to that documentation the function takes only 1 argument, while I need to pass the item ID and ture/false. Anyway in my wxWidgets implementation there happens to be such an overload. Thanks anyway. –  Geto May 23 at 11:21
You'd run the function on the wxMenuItem in question. –  Biffen May 23 at 11:38

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void Check(int itemid, bool check) is of wxMenu. virtual void Check( bool check = true ) is of wxMenuItem. They both can check or uncheck the menu item.

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