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What I want to do is avoid browsers to show a tooltip when I try to submit a form that contains empty inputs. I'm validating with a plugin, and when I don't want to have two tooltips saying basically the same thing.

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Please speficy, in the question itself, which code you are using (your own code and reference to any library you are using) and explain which tooltip you are referring to. –  Jukka K. Korpela May 23 at 13:05
I'm Using KendoUI, specifically the validator plugin, and everything is okay, but I don't want to see those tooltips that Firefox or Chrome puts there. –  Andres Orozco May 23 at 15:00
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On the form you can add the novalidate attribute:

<form novalidate>
  <input required/>
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In XHTML attribute minimization is forbidden. You would need to write novalidate="novalidate" and required="required". –  PsioniaX May 23 at 11:29
He is most likely using HTML5, AFAIK form validation isn't supported in XHTML –  Jon Snow May 23 at 11:30
You are right, my apologies. I've been working so much using XHTML that I have this "reflex" of writing "XML well-formed" code. –  PsioniaX May 23 at 11:33
There's no way, because I'm using KendoUI Validate, and it requires the require attribute and if I add novalidate attribute KendoUI Validate doesn't work really well. –  Andres Orozco May 23 at 12:46
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since there is a custom validation method its better to simply remove the required attribute from the inputs rather having required inputs and a novalidate form.

a simple novalidate form does not guarantee compatibility with whatever the custom validation is and is just adding unnecessary complexity.

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