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I'm trying to create a custom shape QLineEdit with QWidget::setMask(). I redefined resizeEvent for my sub class line edit.

void MyLineEdit::resizeEvent(QResizeEvent *ev)
   QPixmap pixmap(":/new/prefix1/region.png");
   setStyleSheet("background-color : gray");

But the QlineEdit isn't showed. Btw, it was added to a QGridlayout and I checked that pixmap.isNull() = false and the size was normal. Did I miss something? Why isn't it displayed?

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qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/qwidget.html#resizeEvent "No drawing need be (or should be) done inside this handler.". Try ::paintEvent() –  friendzis May 23 at 14:12

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You don't have to subclass anything. Just use style sheets.

editor->setStyleSheet("QLineEdit  {\n"
                      "    background: url(:/new/prefix1/region.png);\n"

or based on documentation:

editor->setStyleSheet("QLineEdit  {\n"
                      "    border-image: url(:/new/prefix1/region.png) 3 3 3 3;\n"
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Thanks for your answer. It works but not 100% well. Please see my update. –  Mike Shaw May 26 at 13:19
Ty problem solved. –  Mike Shaw May 26 at 13:32

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