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After serializing with Jackson my JSON string is like below:

    "@class": "com.sample.test.Pojo2",
    "pojos": [
            "@class": "com.sample.test.Pojo",
            "name": "name1"
            "@class": "com.sample.test.Pojo",
            "name": "name2"

The @class is appended using JsonTypeInfo annotation.

@JsonTypeInfo(use=Id.CLASS, include=As.PROPERTY, property="@class")

How i can hook into JSON deserializing logic, to create object from @class JSON field.?

Or, is there any other library providing utility to get jsonString with class field and Deserialize to Object according to that custom field?

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Just don't include that information when you serialize. If your json string was {"pojos":[{"name":"name1"},{"name":"name2"}]} and then you had final Pojo2 readValue = mapper.readValue(json, Pojo2.class); jackson would deserialize the object. –  Dan Temple May 23 '14 at 13:47

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