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I am working on two linked applications which communicate via a REST. The child app pulls data from the parent app.

While debugging the child app, it can be tricky to debug notices/warnings because Cake, by default, is sending big ugly HTML errors via JSON which I can't read very easily. So, I'm trying to create a custom debugger to send easier-to-read data over via JSON.

The parent app already uses a custom error handler. The app's error handler is set to use MyErrorHandler::handleError. Within that method i have:

    if ($debug || $api) {
        $data = array(
            'level' => $log,
            'code' => $code,
            'error' => $error,
            'description' => $description,
            'file' => $file,
            'line' => $line,
            'context' => $context,
            'start' => 2,
            'path' => Debugger::trimPath($file)
        App::uses('ApiDebugger', 'Lib');

I created a new class called ApiDebugger which extends Debugger and put it in app/Lib. The top of that file has the line: App::uses('Debugger', 'Utility');

I then have a method called outputApiError to send some tidier error data to the child application.

I have the following error based on the above line which invokes the ApiDebugger class: Fatal error: Call to undefined method Debugger::outputApiError()

What am I doing wrong here?

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