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I'm maintaining a database where the date and the time of events are seperated, both are saved as datetime though.

So How do I pull the date from the "date" Column, and the time from the "time" column and insert it into the "datetime"-column

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That's a really weird database schema but it sounds like you're not to blame, you just inherited it! –  pr1001 Mar 4 '10 at 22:23
pr1001: Yep, I have no idea what the previous developer was smoking ;) –  Gnutt Mar 4 '10 at 22:26

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You can use the DATE_FORMAT function in your selects.

For the date:


For time:


So something like:

UPDATE `table`
SET `datetimecol` = CONCAT_WS(' ', DATE_FORMAT(`datecol`, '%Y-%m-%d'), DATE_FORMAT(`timecol`, '%H:%i:%s'))
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GREAT! It worked wonderful! –  Gnutt Mar 4 '10 at 22:24

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