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I need to create a relation between two users once, and update its properties since then. Is there a way to do something like "create if not exist otherwise update" in Neo4j using Cypher?

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MERGE (u1:User)-[r:REL]->(u2:User)
    u1.prop1 = val1,
    u2.prop2 = val2,
    r.prop3 = val3
    u1.prop1 = newVal1,
    u2.prop2 = newVal2,
    r.prop3 = newVal3

Have a look at the Neo4j docs for "MERGE".

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Oops, I looked but missed this!..thanks! BTW, could you have a look at my another question? I am new to neo4j and not sure am doing things right. stackoverflow.com/questions/23831483/… –  HanXu May 23 '14 at 14:38
As much as I'd like to, unfortunately I'm not familiar with Neography. I'm sure someone in our fine community can help, though. And, if this answer solves your issue, please be sure to mark the answer as "accepted". Thanks and good luck! –  BtySgtMajor May 23 '14 at 14:40

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