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I have gone through the documentation at @ codehaus exec-maven-plugin usage. I understand that the exec:java allows the user to execute the java program, in the same VM as they state. I am a newbie in maven and my aim is to understand the difference between mvn exec:exec and mvn exec:java so that I can apply them better.

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You use mvn exec:java when you are working with java classes and want to run them in your JVM (with all project dependencies as classpath), whilst mvn exec:exec allows you to run any executable (like shell script to do some cleanup or windows batch file), not only the java ones.

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The main page of the documentation gives a short overview:

exec:exec execute programs and Java programs in a separate process.

exec:java execute Java programs in the same VM.

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Thanks for the reference. :) – Segmented May 23 '14 at 15:09

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