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I am writing an extension for Mediawiki. If I know the page_id and page_title of an article, how do I get the first 50 odd words of the article? Is there a function defined to get the article text give the page_id?

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Something like:

$article = new Article( Title::newFromText( 'Main_Page' ) ) ;
echo $article->getContent();

Grabbing just the first 50 words is left as an exercise for the reader.

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Hey thanks Joshua :) Can you please point me to a link which documents these classes and methods because I have been unable to find any source of information on such crucial functionality anywhere! – Kshitij Saxena -KJ- Mar 5 '10 at 7:36

If anyone is looking for more documentation, refer to:

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I think you may want to look at this section of the Bot Wikipedia Page

The most commented and readable set of classes I have used is

And this can be used in the following way

require 'botclasses.php';

$wiki = new wikipedia;
$wiki->url = '';
global $wiki;


$text = $wiki->getpage("Wikipedia:Sandbox");

Or you can use any of the other functions that are set out in the classes linked above.

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