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Ok, so I'm a major amature to the world of programing and I want to make an app that can be deployed through the Windows Store. This is mainly because it seems easier and cheaper than if I were to distribute it myself. I'm using Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 (hooray for free college software!) and I plan on using c# and JSON to pull some data from a public api.

My question is: If I develop an app so that it can be downloaded and installed from the Windows Store to be primarily be used in "Metro" mode, can I also add a button that makes it switch over to desktop mode like Google Chrome has?

Note: I have done some research on the subject and I think this is doable, but I could never find specifics on how it's done. I appreciate any insight you can provide!

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Offtopic: are you sure it's legal to deploy an app to Windows Store on academic alliance licenced software? –  Tarec May 23 at 16:32
@Tarec Hmm, that's a very interesting question. I actually don't have any idea, but I'm pretty sure anything I'll be doing in Visual Studio I could do in the express edition. The only thing I think I would need a paid version for is to attempt a Metro and desktop app in the same solution. I think I'm safe. Great question though. :) –  Yoggzaron May 24 at 16:05

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AFAIK, as of Windows 8.1 there is no built-in support in WSA to run in a window on the desktop, unless you find that Snap mode suits your needs (it does for me). Primary browser is an exception, but it's not strictly just a WSA.

However, there are 3rd party solutions to do precisely that, e.g. ModernMix, so technically it's possible, but goes outside of what you have access to during WSA development.

There are also talks about Windows 8.2 supporting this out of the box: dailytech

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That's a bummer. This seems like such an obvious thing that should have been in Windows 8.1. Oh well. :p –  Yoggzaron May 24 at 16:09

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